• The alliance supports science-based decision-making
  •  The alliance believes that the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the best model available for conservation work
  • The alliance will partner with Wyoming Game and Fish Department and other wildlife agencies to achieve its goals
  • The alliance believes that success requires engaging a broad constituency across the state in advocating for sound wildlife management, improving habitat and increasing opportunities for hunting and fishing
  • The alliance believes that sound management of Wyoming’s wildlife will continue to serve as an economic engine for Wyoming and an important cultural experience for the public.

Our Values

The members of WYSA collectively represent approximately 50,000 Wyoming sportsmen and women. We are diverse geographically, politically, in the species we pursue and in our choice of weapon - whether it's a rifle, bow or flyrod.

In July 2013, concerned sportsmen representing six hunting, angling and conservation organizations gathered to discuss the need to organize a Wyoming sportsmen’s coalition. They realized that Wyoming sportsmen needed to work collaboratively and speak with a united voice regarding important policy issues affecting our natural resources and sporting opportunities.

​They resolved to create the Wyoming Sportsmen’s Alliance (WYSA). Initial discussions revolved around identifying joint concerns for fish, wildlife, habitat, hunting and angling within the State of Wyoming.


We Are

A sportsmen's Alliance

The Wyoming Sportsmen’s Alliance collectively advocates for policies and practices that support the sound scientific conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitat for the benefit of present and future hunters and anglers.​


“Forever West” – Wyoming’s state slogan conjures up images of our wide open spaces, rugged mountain ranges, pristine trout-filled rivers and rolling sagebrush dotted with antelope as far as the eye can see. Wyomingites cherish all of these things as essential to preserving our hunting and angling traditions.

From Yellowstone Park in the northwest, to the capitol Cheyenne in the southeast, every resident of the Cowboy State benefits, either directly or indirectly from our fish and wildlife populations and world class sporting opportunities. Fish and wildlife related activities are Wyoming’s second largest industry, bringing approximately $1.1 billion annually to the state.

Wyoming Sportsmen are "forever west"

Designated wilderness areas provide important habitat for five of Wyoming’s migratory big-game species, according to a first-of-its-kind mapping project involving wildlife researchers at the University of Wyoming and cartographers at the University of Oregon.

Migration Mapping

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