2017 Current Bills

HB 0034 Trapping

HB 0061 Collection of sheds and horns

HB 0063 Game animal licenses- limitations

HB 0069 County Resolution - feeding wildlife

HB 0121 Fishing Licenses

HB 0130  Harvest of furbearing and big game animals

HB 0205  Game and fish-animal damage management fees

SF 0025 Wildlife location and research information-confidentiality

SF 0026 Game and Fish Licenses - confidentiality

SF 0060 Antelope Hunts-licenses complimentary

SF 0078 Federal Natural Resource Policy Account

SF 0086 Game and Fish Permits

SF 0090  Allocation of complimentary hunting licenses.

SF 0120  Mentor antelope hunting voucher

  • WYSA Comments to Senate Committee (Travel, Recreation, and Wildlife) on SF 0120 -Mentor Antelope Hunting Voucher. 
  • "We are very much in favor of efforts to better recruit and retain hunters in Wyoming, especially for youth. Game and Fish currently has a host of opportunities for youth...this mentor program is not needed.  This bill is also financially and from a management perspective, flawed.  Purchasing a mere $5 mentor voucher, along with no expense for  a license by the actual hunter, is not a  cost benefit to the Game and Fish Department...an agency currently facing a $6million budget deficitThis voucher/license system would also be difficult for the department to manage; such as the difficulties with cross checking a vouch to the license holder.  For these reasons The Wyoming Sportsmen's Alliance asks you to vote "NO" on SF 0120."

SJ 0003 Public Lands - Constitutional amendment -KILLED