2018 Current Bills

HB 0005: This bill would pass a law prohibiting the sale of wildlife location and identification information to aid in the taking of animals.

HB 0006: This bill would pass a law limiting public access to sensitive wildlife data, locations and ongoing research projects.

HB 0007:  This bill amends an existing law that allows hunters to donate their pronghorn tag to a Disabled Veteran. The amendment would allow for the donation of your pronghorn tag to a new 12 year old hunter who has passed Hunters Safety.

HB 0020: This bill would require legislative approval on any agreements regarding sensitive species between the Wyoming Game and Fish and the Federal government.

HB 0039:  This bill will create a Wildlife Conservation License Plate. All funding from this plate will go to fund projects that make our highways safer for wildlife. This includes signs, underpasses, fencing and overpasses.

SF 0003: This bill increases the current number of tags allocated to the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt and the Wyoming One Shot Antelope Hunt from 80 tags to 160 tags to allow for growth of the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt.